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Add prestige to the event and call Velvet Keys Valet Parking to service your next event!

Valet parking for your special event is the mark of a gracious host, but more often than not is a necessity. Other times it is a luxury to impress or just add class to an event. Either way, our valet parking services provide an experience that will leave a smile on the face of every guest who attends.

  • Improve traffic flow and operating efficiency
  • Help assist guests in getting to their destination
  • Maximize parking space
  • Adds prestige to the event

Our parking attendants are trained extensively to accommodate all types of parking venues and prepared to drive manual transmission and high performance vehicles.  Our valet parking staff is well groomed, personable, polished and professional. Given the opportunity, Velvet Keys Valet will enhance the level of service your event provides.  You can count on the Velvet Keys Valet Parking family to extend a warm welcome matched with prompt and efficient service.

Please don’t hesitate to call, and thank you for considering us for your valet parking needs.
Office: 301.841.7800