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At Velvet Keys Valet we understand that our most valuable asset is our staff, valet attendants, managers, and administrators. These are the people working hard to carry out our promises. We nurture a family atmosphere built on mutual respect and trust. We believe that work should be enjoyable and rewarding.


  • Must be over 21 and have a valid drivers license. You must also have clean driving record (proof required).
  • Must be physically fit. Valet attending requires certain stamina and endurance, as there is perpetual movement of the attendants in bringing vehicles and/or articles to and from patrons for hours on end.
  • All valet attendants must be able to perform under pressure, in order to meet the customer's time constraints, as well as give an orderly and timely appearance in the retrieval of articles, items, and vehicles.
  • Valet attendants must be polite, attentive and responsible to client's needs. They must be able to "Team Work" during stressful and fast-paced situations, with the ability to help the customer as well as each other under stress.
  • Security of the vehicles entrusted to V.K.V. is of the utmost priority. Attentiveness to your surroundings in order to provide the best security possible is a primary requirement for a Valet Attendant.
  • Valet attendants must be social and work well with others. Valet attending is a team effort and requires an efficient team to be a success.
  • Valet attendants must be able to drive both automatic and standard vehicle.
  • All valet attendant employees must be able to effectively communicate in the English language in order to resolve, tackle and appease any potential problems, circumstances or unforeseen job related issues without assistance.

Special Driving:
Ability to operate all types of passenger motor vehicles, including luxury class and high performance vehicles, vans and small trucks. The ability demands mandatory experience and familiarity with manual shift transmissions.